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Did Rep. Doggett Vote For The Anti-LGBT Adoption Bill Without Knowing What Was In It?

This week the Tennessee House Judiciary Committee voted to advance HB 836 (SB 1304), a bill that would create a license to discriminate in child welfare services, to the House of Representatives for consideration. Anti-equality lawmakers have also introduced another discriminatory child welfare bill, HB 1152 (SB 848), that has not yet advanced from committee. […]

SLATE OF HATE: Anti-LGBT “License to Discriminate” Bill Clears House

Bill awaits Senate hearing This week, two pieces of legislation designed to permit and protect  discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community advanced in the state legislature. Four years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling finding same-sex marriage bans to be unconstitutional, conservatives, reeling in Tennessee, are still writing legislation to protect the unequal treatment […]

Gov. Lee’s Charter School Agency Bill (TEA Called “Worst Ever”) Passes Ed Committee

Gov. Bill Lee’s proposal to create a new state agency to oversee charter schools Tennessee passed the House Education Committee today on a 13-9 vote. House Bill 940, as amended by the committee, would create a new charter school commission within the state education department and take over duties relating to charter schools currently handled […]

TN GOP Kills Clemmons Net Neutrality Bill, Comcast and AT&T Get Their $$ Worth

Net neutrality is an issue that extends far beyond Tennessee, but could have major implications for Tennessee business owners. Under current state laws, there are no net neutrality rules. With net neutrality rules, major broadband internet providers like Comcast Xfinity and AT&T are classified as “common carriers.” The distinction means internet service providers must treat […]

“Small Government” TN House GOP Overrules Police Oversight Board Authority

Debate moves to the full Tennessee Senate A proposal to eliminate subpoena power from police community oversights boards passed the Tennessee House on a 66-26 vote, with 65 Republicans voting in favor plus one Democrat: Rep. John Mark Windle (D-Livingston). 4 Republicans voted against: Rep. Martin Daniel (Knoxville), Rep. Bill Dunn (Knoxville), Rep. Jeremy Faison (Cosby), and Rep. […]