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Our Conversation With Casada-Jones Special Prosecutor Craig Northcott About His Comments About Muslims

Yesterday we posted an article about a Facebook conversation between the Special Prosecutor now in charge of the Speaker Casada-Justin Jones investigation, Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott, and Daniel Berry, chair of the Coffee County Young Republicans. The conversation was about Muslims, and Islam. Northcott repeatedly used the word “evil” when referring to Muslims and their belief system. […]

Special Prosecutor On Casada/Jones Case Says “Islam Is Evil”, And “No Constitutional Rights” Only Rights From The “One True God”

In recent Facebook comments, Coffee County D.A. Craig Northcott, the man now overseeing the Glen Casada-Justin Jones case, expressed intensely Islamophobic views, and also added that “there are no constitutional rights” only “God-given rights protected by the constitution”, adding: “If you don’t believe in the one true God, there is nothing to protect” because “no […]

Casada Speaks After Meeting with the Black Caucus

Here’s our twitter thread breaking down Casada’s press conference after he met with the Black Caucus. We’re putting it here for those who don’t follow us on Twitter. THREAD: Some clips from the press conference @glencasada just gave, Follow along… 1) Casada says “the purpose of this meeting” with the @TNblackcaucus was to go over […]


Timeline of Some of Tennessee Speaker of The House of Representatives Glen Casada’s Actions and Statements FROM 2012-2019 Compiled by Tina Cahalan Jones   2003  • Casada elected to TN House of Representative 2009 • Casada a plaintiff in failed “birther” lawsuit against President Obama 2012 • Jeremy Durham elected, Casada mentors him • Josh Smith, owner of the Standard Club (popular with lawmakers) starts a PAC 2013 • Jeremy Durham involved in prescription […]

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Deberry Not Calling For Casada’s Resignation Yet, Wants to Talk “Man To Man”

We had a chance to catch up with Memphis Democrat Rep. John Deberry Jr. by phone this morning. Deberry was the lone Dem to vote in favor of the Governor’s School Vouchers, and one of the only Dems to support the “Heartbeat Bill”, which sought to ban abortions after 6 weeks. Deberry says he’s an “independent-minded” […]


The breaking news has been spewing forth like a powerful stream of urine on a legislator who opposes Speaker Casada’s seat lately (yes, that happened)… The question I’m having to ask a #TNleg today. Yeah it’s been that kind of day. pic.twitter.com/JtyErkJnHv — Emily R. West (@emwest22) May 9, 2019 …so we wanted to bring […]

Casada Talks To Phil Valentine, Defends Racist Staffer, Calls Out Phil Williams

Speaker Glen Casada recently went on Phil Valentine’s radio show on 99.7 to address the recent situation(s) with his racist chief of staff. It was the longest Casada has spoken about the issues, so we figured we’d break down what he said here… They started by talking about the dust-up at the legislature on the […]