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VIDEO: Rep. Tillis “Doesn’t Necessarily Agree” with Moving the KKK Bust

NEW: Rep. Rick Tillis (R-Lewisburg) “doesn’t necessarily agree” with GOP house caucus leader Jeremy Faison’s call to remove the KKK Grand Wizard bust from the Capitol. Tillis worries about “whitewashing” history, wonders where the line would be. All reps should be asked about this. Contact THE STATE CAPITOL COMMISSION to ask them to move the […]


Below is our interview with Tammy Hatcher, who runs Maury County’s Confederate Christmas Ball, which Natalie Allison of The Tennessean tweeted about earlier today: Very normal holiday festivity, because nothing screams Christmas like the Confederacy https://t.co/nhznCnIlVW pic.twitter.com/DxT15bWGoT — Natalie Allison (@natalie_allison) December 6, 2019 It turns out it is in fact a real thing, taking place tomorrow […]

VIDEO: Scandal-Plagued Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron Lashes Out At County Commissioner

Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron and his family have been buried by scandal after scandal lately. Watch him lash out (BELOW) at County Commissioner Robert Stevens who made a motion to ask Ketron to step aside. Stevens has suggested starting an ouster suit. 10 citizens are needed. Rutherford county citizens should contact their county commissioners and […]

Commish Rolfe Points Finger At Gov. Lee & Mcwhorter For Vouchers Slush Fund

Recently we learned a $4 MILLION line item found its way into the budget, seemingly intended for grant projects in rural communities to grease the skids for Governor Lee’s public school-harming vouchers, which would steer public money to private schools. The legislation may have been the brainchild of Speaker Glen Casada, who has since stepped […]