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INTERVIEW with WOMEN’S MARCH TN organizers – march this Saturday in Murfreesboro! 👣🚶‍♀️

WOMEN’S MARCH TN Organizers Francie Hunt, Darlene Leong, and Brandon Thomas join Holler co-founder Justin Kanew to talk about the Women’s March THIS SATURDAY IN MURFREESBORO.  “We can’t win without Rutherford County… we need to shake things up.” March details are HERE.  Listen to our PODCAST ON  ITUNES. FULL INTERVIEW (CLIP BELOW): CLIP: “There’s incredible […]

INTERVIEW: KEEL HUNT – Tennessean Columnist & Former Special Asst. to Lamar Alexander

Holler co-founder Justin Kanew interviews KEEL HUNT, Tennessean columnist and former Special Assistant to Lamar Alexander who recently spoke out about the need to speak up in the time of Trump in this poignant column: “I’m Done Being Quiet”. PODCAST on iTunes. (13 mins) CLIP:  “I think it’s fear that leads to silence.” Full FACEBOOK […]

INTERVIEW: Former White House Middle East Policy Advisor DANIEL BENAIM

Holler co-founder Justin Kanew talks to‬ ‪White House Middle East advisor during the Iran Deal Daniel Benaim about how Trump made the Iran situation more dangerous, and put Americans in harm’s way unnecessarily. ‬ PODCAST ON ITUNES FULL FACEBOOK LIVE INTERVIEW CLIP: “I get what’s in it for him… what’s in it for us?”

VIDEO: Rep. Gloria Johnson Says Extend Paid Leave to ALL Working Tennesseans

Democratic legislators Rep. Gloria Johnson & State Senator Sara Kyle had a bill last session to bring paid family leave to all Tennesseans, but were LAUGHED OUT OF COMMITTEE by Republican reps Rep. John Holsclaw Jr. & Rep. Clark Boyd. Now Governor Lee has announced he’ll be extending it to all state employees, although he […]

White “Office of Minority Health Disparities” Board Rejects Grant For “Too Raw” Instagram Post?

Kristin Mejia-Green’s application for a $10,000 grant to help address Tennessee’s maternal mortality crisis was recently rejected by the Office of Minority Health Disparities Elimination, allegedly on the basis of an Instagram post found to be “offensive” and “lacking inclusivity” by an all- or mostly-white committee, according to an Instagram video Mejia-Green made recently. A health crisis […]

VIDEO: Nashville Trump 2020 Co-Chair Comes Out AGAINST Private Prisons

On Fox Nashville’s Politics in Focus Sunday, Republican strategist and Trump 2020 Davidson County Co-Chair Rick Williams came out against private prisons, which flies in the face of Republican policy. WATCH: “Keeping Prisoners Should be Done BY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES” Davidson “Trump 2020” Co-Chair @ricknashlimo comes out AGAINST private prisons (!) on @FOXNashville’s Politics in Focus. […]