Rocky Top Sunrise is a podcast where we talk about what it means to fight for climate justice and a Green New Deal in the South with Sunrise Movement. We explore how every issue intersects with climate and how a Green New Deal will help bring them all together. Our goal is to win the South – because if you win the South, you win the nation.

“Rocky Top Sunrise” – A Better World with Matthew Park

Hosts Isabella Killius and Cassie Jackson interview Matthew Park in a special episode! Matthew is a candidate for State House running in District 15 in Knoxville. Sunrise believes he is one of the most thoughtful and inspirational candidates running in Tennessee right now, and he’s the only candidate to be endorsed by Sunrise Tennessee’s statewide coalition because of his strong stances on climate and his progressive, moral vision for what Tennessee could be.

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ROCKY TOP SUNRISE – “Why Abolition is an Environmental Justice Issue”

A new episode of  ROCKY TOP SUNRISE with Sunrise Tennessee on The Tennessee Holler Podcast Network is LIVE!

Hosts Isabella Killius and Hale Masaki explore the intersections of racial justice and environmentalism within the context of slavery and how slavery was never eradicated, it simply evolved. In the second half of the episode, lifelong organizer Taz Gaines joins as our special guest to dive deep into these issues and to establish why abolition and the fight for justice are crucial to winning a Green New Deal. 🌅
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INTRODUCING “Rocky Top Sunrise” with Sunrise Movement Tennessee

The first episode of ROCKY TOP SUNRISE with Sunrise Movement Tennessee is LIVE!

We are all anxious about climate change. But what can we do about it? That’s what we want to explore on this podcast – we want to go deep, and talk about the work we need to do and that’s already being done to realize an equitable, livable future for all of us (and create millions of good jobs in the process!). Sunrise Tennessee podcast hosts Sri Adabala, Isabella Killius, Hale Masaki, and Cassie Jackson talk about this and more on our first episode of Rocky Top Sunrise! We also chat with our friend and special guest, Rick Herron, about how we can win a Green New Deal (starting right here at home!) and build a world where we all can thrive.

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