Marquita Bradshaw on Where to Go From Here

“We can look toward Georgia, but I was taught if you want your grass to be green, you need to fertilize and water your own grass.” – Marquita Bradshaw talking with Wade Munday on #ACaseOfTheMundays about where to go from here in Tennessee.

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The Freedom to Just Be Black

“It’s like people assume that because we’re polished that white people are behind it…no, WE did that.”
Charlane Oliver and Tequila Johnson talk about creating The Equity Alliance on their Four Year Anniversary #PorchPolitics special.

The Power of Campaigns and Community Organizing

State Representative Gloria Johnson is back with an episode talking about the heart and soul of a campaign:  the person who manages it. Hailey Shastid joins to talk about her experience managing Rep Johnson’s campaign and how she fell in love with organizing in her community.

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Biden Won, But So Did White Supremacy

Yes, President Trump is finally out of office, but with 72 million Americans showing up to vote for him after four years, who is really the winner of the 2020 election? Anna and Aftyn look past the presidential victory, highlighting the role of white women in maintaining white supremacy at the ballot box this cycle.

“White Women’s Support for Trump Remains High in 2020 Election”

The 53 percent issue

AOC Interview in NY Times

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Janice Bowling Unwittingly Makes Case for Abortion

Staunchly anti-reproductive freedom Senator JANICE BOWLING unwittingly made the case for abortion rights while fighting a UT vaccine requirement.


Rep Vincent Dixie on the GOP Disrespecting the Right to Vote

“People that look like me have died for this right, now you’re saying it’s not really worth the paper it’s written on. It’s hurtful.” – Rep. Vincent Dixie talks about the danger of the GOP undermining our election process on #HollerHour.

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AOC on Why Medicare for All is the Only Path Forward

 “We are already projected to pay more in our current broken system than we would if we were to just guarantee everyone healthcare in this country.”
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez breaks down why Medicare For All is the only path forward – and that it will win.
Video from Center for Health and Democracy‘s Medicare for All webinar.

Democrats Need to Deliver for Young People

“If the Democratic Party wants to win over the loyalty of young people it had better act right now and in a pretty big way.”- Jonathan Smucker drops fire talking about the Democratic Party’s future on The Intercept’s #Deconstructed podcast.

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Lee’s Failed COVID19 “Strategy”

“We believe our #COVID19 strategy may well be working BETTER than a statewide mask mandate.”
Gov. Bill Lee has the audacity to claim that his “strategy” is working; meanwhile, Tennessee continues to have record-breaking case increases and Lee doesn’t even follow his own advice.

As Georgia Goes, So Goes the South

Erica Darragh, Communications Lead for Sunrise Atlanta, joins Hale and Cassie to talk about the upcoming Senate runoff elections in Georgia and how crucial they are to us winning a Green New Deal. There’s so much we can learn from the incredible organizing that led to Georgia’s turnaround, and it gives us a lot of hope for Tennessee and the rest of the South. Be sure to do whatever you can to support Warnock and Ossoff in Georgia with your time, money, or both. Let’s bring this home.

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