Bernie Calling Out Mitch’s “Socialism for the Rich”


Bernie roasts McConnell’s “socialism for the rich” claim with giant checks showing what corps got from the GOP tax cut while asking for a vote on $2000 checks for regular people.


“I’m Heartbroken for Future Families”

“I’m so heartbroken for future families that are going to be in my family’s shoes as a result” of Gov. Bill Lee not enacting a mask mandate.

State Representative Gloria Johnson relays the thoughts of a Tennessee teacher whose husband is in critical care and whose brother in law just died of COVID, both of whom are/were also teachers.

“If I’m Going to be the Keeper of my Brother, I have to Wear my Mask.”

Rep. Vincent Dixie talks about how Gov. Bill Lee’s “survival of the fittest” tactic has landed Tennessee in the position of being the worst place in the world to be for #COVID19.


Workers, Wages, and Weed

For the final episode of the year, Anna and Aftyn dig into how the Democratic party should utilize three winning progressive policies to bring new folks in. Embrace an economic populist message and distribute LEGALIZE IT bumper stickers across the country: is it that simple? Happy holidays and the girls will see y’all in 2021! #KeepItGritty

NYMag, Democrats Have a Problem. ‘Workers, Wages, Weed’ May Be the Answer

Mother Jones, The $15 Minimum Wage Wasn’t the Only Progressive Ballot Measure That Passed in Conservative States

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A Tale of Two Governors

State Representative Gloria Johnson talks with Christina Henry, a teacher in Anderson County, Tennessee whose husband is in critical care for COVID in Kentucky, and whose brother-in-law recently passed away from COVID, also both teachers. Tennessee is now the worst place in the world to be for COVID19 under the poor leadership of Governor Bill Lee. Christina and Representative Johnson talk about how the different responses between Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky and our own Governor Lee have affected the health outcomes of the residents of each respective state.

Kentucky is the only state where ICU occupancy is lower now than three months ago

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The Many Facets of Voter Suppression

Perceived problems with the 2020 election are historical but many things like government IDs, long lines, limited hours, closed polling places, intimidation and misinformation have been chipping away at our ability and willingness to vote for years.  We the people will need to overcome voter fraud in all its forms or risk losing our right to self-govern.

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Protecting the Knox County Board of Health

Knox County Commissioner Courtney Durrett joins to talk with Representative Gloria Johnson about an insidious effort to effectively dissolve the Knox County Board of Health and create a new “advisory” board of brand new members who don’t have the experience dealing with the COVID19 crisis that the current members have. The first meeting for this ordinance will be held Monday, December 21.

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Tennessee AG Slatery’s Dangerous Behavior

“This is the chief law enforcement officer of the state asking the highest court in the land to overturn the results of the Presidential election.”

Senator Jeff Yarbro rips Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery for signing on to Texas’ lawsuit that seeks to invalidate millions of votes for Biden. Even though the electors have already cast their votes, this undemocratic behavior by the GOP doesn’t bode well for future elections.

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The Days of Gatekeepers Are Over

“I think the day of the gatekeepers of old is really waning. People are tired of that. They want something new, they don’t want these lifelong politicians.”
Kendra Cotton from The New Georgia Project on how to organize the South.

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Wearing a Mask Doesn’t Make You Less Free

“My freedom is not involved in a mask. My freedom is having the opportunity to survive in America like everybody else.” Rep. Shaw lambasts the Tennessee GOP and Governor Bill Lee for their lack of leadership on #COVID19 which has landed TN in both an economic crisis and a healthcare catastrophe.