VIDEO: GOP Rep. Rips “BRIBES & THREATS” That Got Lee’s Vouchers Passed

REPUBLICAN REP. Kent Calfee says “There’s a bill to repeal VOUCHERS… because there was every kind of DIRTY TRICK IN THE BOOK — BRIBES, THREATS, everything else to get it passed.”

Calfee lets loose on how Disgraced former Speaker Glen Casada & Gov Bill Lee got Lee’s public school-harming vouchers through.🔥


Ogles stresses “distraction” & activist “yelling”😢says moving it is “respectful”—suggests putting crosses in the capitol.

Newly woke disgraced ex-speaker Casada now says “change is painful but good”.

Senator Jack Johnson: “THE GOVERNOR HAS NOT WEIGHED IN YET” — Johnson reminds us Governor Lee controls 7 of the 12 state Capitol commission votes on MOVING THE KKK GRAND WIZARD BUST out of our Capitol.

You know who also hasn’t weighed in? SENATOR JACK JOHNSON.

AUDIO: Wilson County’s “UNKIND” Anti-Refugees Proclamation

Wilson County Resident Trisha Farmer talks to Wilson County Commissioner Bobby Franklin about their “unkind” anti-refugees proclamation intended to send Gov. Lee a message, which will be voted on tonight.

Franklin says he takes issue with the resources refugees take up – but only 13 refugees have been placed in Wilson County since 2002. The impact on Wilson County’s budget is statistically insignificant.

He also says people are being “recruited”, a dubious claim, and says in Minnesota refugees are changing things “culturally” which he calls a “downside” – clearly toeing the line of racism and bigotry at worst, xenophobia at best.

Governor Lee has been attacked by conservatives for his willingness to allow refugees to continue to come to Tennessee.

The Wilson County vote is scheduled for TONIGHT.

Holler at the County Commissioners HERE.



Watch Lee & announce his “comprehensive pro-life legislation” – despite bumbling on details.

TN Dems call it “extreme & divisive”, “unconstitutional”, say it does nothing to help TN’s health care crisis.

It will lead to costly lawsuits. TN’s maternal mortality rate is 3rd world, yet Lee refuses $1 BILLION/year in Medicaid expansion funds. That isn’t pro-life.


WATCH Senator Paul Rose’s bill to permit taxpayer-funded discrimination pass the Senate, making TN a less welcoming place that doesn’t put the best interests of kids first.

Governor Lee will sign it despite having an LGBT sibling. 🏳️‍🌈

Governor Lee To Sign Anti-LGBT Adoption Bill That Targets His Own Sister

You’ve probably heard that yesterday the TN Senate started off the legislative session by passing a bill which targets LGBT people and allows state-supported adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBT people.

The bill will now head to Governor Lee’s desk, and Lee has said he will sign it.

What you may not know is Governor Lee’s own sister is married to a woman, and therefore is a part of the LGBT community targeted by his party’s bill.

Here’s @ScoopNashville’s tweet about Cynthia Lee’s wedding:

And here’s Cynthia Lee with Bill’s wife Maria outside his campaign headquarters in Franklin:

Tennessee is #1 in medical bankruptcies, #2 in rural hospital closures, gets an “F” in education funding, and has the maternal mortality rate of a third world country… yet this is what the TN GOP and Bill Lee are focused on?

Here’s how they voted — GREEN means they voted for the bill. Red against.

Cynthia and her wife deserve to be treated just like everyone else in America, and should not be targeted and made to feel less than by our laws.

This adoption bill is especially ugly because it would have the effect of robbing loving homes from children who might otherwise not be able to find one.

If you agree Governor Lee should VETO THIS BILL, Holler at him HERE.


VIDEO: Rep. Gloria Johnson Says Extend Paid Leave to ALL Working Tennesseans

Democratic legislators Rep. Gloria Johnson & State Senator Sara Kyle had a bill last session to bring paid family leave to all Tennesseans, but were LAUGHED OUT OF COMMITTEE by Republican reps Rep. John Holsclaw Jr. & Rep. Clark Boyd.

Now Governor Lee has announced he’ll be extending it to all state employees, although he did NOT have paid leave for employees at his own company.

WATCH Gloria Johnson say all employees should enjoy paid leave, which is required by almost every other country in the world.

Gov. Lee Appoints Retired Rep. Sanderson to Wine Board He Created… After Pro-Vouchers Vote

You may remember Rep. Bill Sanderson as the guy who stepped down under, ahem… controversial circumstances last year (as an anti-LGBT legislator with a gay son exposed for himself allegedly being a Grindr regular).

Sanderson said it was to go spend more time on his wine business, and had previously pushed through a bill that created a wine board with the goal of boosting the Tennessee wine industry, which he himself had a stake in.

As it turns out, Governor Lee has now just appointed Sanderson as one of the members of the wine board.

Must be nice!

In related news, Sanderson was one of the reps who voted for Lee’s controversial school vouchers legislation, which barely passed the TN house 50-48, needing every last vote after disgraced former speaker Casada held it open for 35 minutes. The vote is rumored to be subject of an FBI investigation.

There has also been controversy swirling around a $4 Million slush fund which may have been used to make promises to get votes for the vouchers, which Commissioner Rolfe moonwalked away from fast during last month’s budget hearings, saying Lee and Stuart McWhorter were responsible.

So Sanderson gets a Wine Board created to boost his own industry… then gets appointed to the board by Governor Lee… after voting for Lee’s public school-harming vouchers.

Were these guys elected to serve the citizens of Tennessee, or themselves?

VIDEO: Gov. Lee Defends Rejecting $1 BILLION/Year In Medicaid Funds

“How is rejecting $1 BILLION/year in Medicaid Expansion funds helping TN’s rural communities?”

TN is #1 in MEDICAL BANKRUPTCIES & HOSPITAL CLOSURES. Maternal mortality of a 3rd world country.

Gov. Lee says a BLOCK GRANT means MORE💰, but facts disagree.

Commish Rolfe Points Finger At Gov. Lee & Mcwhorter For Vouchers Slush Fund

Recently we learned a $4 MILLION line item found its way into the budget, seemingly intended for grant projects in rural communities to grease the skids for Governor Lee’s public school-harming vouchers, which would steer public money to private schools.

The legislation may have been the brainchild of Speaker Glen Casada, who has since stepped down in disgrace, but it clearly also has the fingerprints of Governor Lee and his Finance Dept. chief Stuart Mcwhorter all over it.

There have been reports that 60 specific projects were promised to rural legislators to get their votes for the bill, which barely passed the house, but Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe says he has seen no such list, and points the finger SQUARELY at Lee and Mcwhorter.

WATCH BELOW as Rolfe says “WE DID NOT PROPOSE THAT”, distancing himself from the money at the budget hearing last week. (Rep. Martin Daniel has said there will be no investigation into this. Shocker!)