Admitted Sex Offender Rep. Byrd In Settlement Talks

(Note: Not About His Sex Crimes, Unfortunately)

In case you haven’t heard yet, Republican State Representative David Byrd – who covers Hardin, Lewis, Wayne, and some of Lawrence counties – has admitted on tape to sexual misconduct with high school girls he coached.

His own party’s Speaker Beth Harwell asked him to step down, he refused, ran again, and won with 80% of the vote (Seriously, people? Seriously?)

What you may not have heard is that during his re-election campaign Wayne County High School sent students to the capitol to visit Byrd, and all but forced students to wear his campaign shirts on the trip.

One student wasn’t having it, sued, and now the Tennessean tells us Byrd is in settlement talks with that student – probably not wanting a long, drawn-out battle which would keep Byrd’s shameful name in the news more than they (and by “they” we mean SPEAKER CASADA) want it to be.

The good news is the people at Enough is Enough will be keeping his name in the news anyway, as will his victims, as will we.

BOTTOM LINE: Republicans are calling for Governor Northam’s head, meanwhile they have a legitimate sex offender in their ranks, and Speaker Casada just made him HEAD OF AN EDUCATION SUBCOMMITTEE.


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