Medical Marijuana in Tennessee

Medical marijuana is a hot topic for many people in the United States of America. For the longest time, marijuana has been classed as an illegal drug that could land long jail sentences for those caught in possession of it. Now it is available in many forms to target different illnesses and pains, for example, private label softgels.

However, times are constantly changing and so are people’s opinions on marijuana and cbd edibles. More and more citizens and health officials have been opening their eyes to the potential benefits of medical marijuana and its derivatives as well. Medical marijuana has been known to treat chronic diseases where pain, low mood, and inflammation are factors. Marijuana is known to have been used as a medical treatment as early as ancient China where it is said to have been a complementary treatment to acupuncture. CBD is a close relative taken from the hemp plant (consumed either as an oil or in Private Label CBD Capsules) which can treat similar conditions as well.

With such potential benefits, it’s important to have a clear and detailed discussion on medical marijuana and its derivatives and how they can benefit America. Whether it be in the form of CBD products, cannabis edibles, vape liquids or whatever else is necessary.

In the following podcast. Host Sandra Rice and Candidate Jarvus Turnley for State House District 66 talk about legalizing medical marijuana. A Vanderbilt study reports that 80% of Tennesseans support it and 33 states already do but the GOP General Assembly balks. They also review CBD and THC as well as efforts to decriminalize marijuana possession and criminal justice reform.

FULL PODCAST available on Apple Podcasts here, and wherever else you like to listen here.

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