Biden and Harris Win!

The Presidential race was finally called in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this past Saturday morning in a resounding rebuke of President Trump and his reign these past four years. Catch a couple of highlights from their victory speeches below.

Choosing Country Over Party

Brittany Kylene, a 4th Generation Republican out of COOKEVILLE and the daughter of an Evangelical preacher, explains why she decided to put country over party and support Biden.

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Holler Election Coverage

Tequila Johnson of The Equity Alliance and Aftyn Behn of Indivisible Tennessee joined Kanew and Cassie in covering the #2020Election. Candidates, politicos, and people from across the state called in to tell us the latest from the ground as results came in.

Part 1

Part 2

Texas is a Tossup?

Four days before the election, Anna and Aftyn provide the state of play for those wondering, “Does my vote even matter?” And if you live in a key battleground state like Texas, the answer is an absolute and resounding yes. Even if all of Aftyn’s exes live in Texas, the girls uplift the work of southern states in the most important election of their lifetimes.

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Academy Award Winner Callie Khouri on Money in Politics

“We have a Congress that has been completely co-opted, bought and paid for by corporate interests.”
Academy Award Winner Callie Khouri joined #HollerHour to talk about how government is necessary to protect us from corporations.

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Busting the GOP Voter Fraud Myth

Top GOP election judge Benjamen Ginsberg announces his retirement and “REPUDIATES EVERYTHING HE’S EVER SAID ABOUT RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD – SAYS IT’S A NON-ISSUE.”
Jim Cooper‘s COS Lisa Quigley busts the GOP‘s voter fraud myth on #HollerHour with Justin Kanew and Cassie.

Governor Lee Plays Dumb

“I haven’t read that report.” ?‬ ‪Gov. Bill Lee plays dumb about Trump’s admission that he intentionally “downplayed” a virus that has killed 190,000 Americans, including ~2000 Tennesseans. ‬

Pence’s RNC Speech & Nationalism

Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss the final few minutes of Vice President Pence’s RNC Speech mixing scripture and nationalism.

The Electoral College with Dr. Andrea Hatcher

Who chooses the President, the people, or the Electoral College?  “It’s complicated,” says Sandra Rice’s guest Dr. Andrea Hatcher, professor of politics and pre-law at The University of the South.  The founders would be surprised that we are still using this system despite its flaws and threat to democracy.  Would the popular vote be a more equitable way?  How could this be changed? Please vote.

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Watch our LIVE issues forum with 4 of the candidates running for senate in Tennessee: Marquita Bradshaw, James Mackler, Robin Kimbrough Hayes, and Mark Pickrell.

Hosted by Stephen Elliott of the Nashville Scene. Presented by Indivisible Tennessee and the Holler.

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