Bill Lee Blames Everyone But Himself

Phil Williams:  “Why not listen to health professionals and impose a mask mandate?”

Governor Bill Lee: “That’s not a unified voice. There’s a lot of argument about what’s the right tactic.”

Lee is still a deaf ear to the cries of Tennessee’s medical community despite our horrific numbers.


Protecting the Knox County Board of Health

Knox County Commissioner Courtney Durrett joins to talk with Representative Gloria Johnson about an insidious effort to effectively dissolve the Knox County Board of Health and create a new “advisory” board of brand new members who don’t have the experience dealing with the COVID19 crisis that the current members have. The first meeting for this ordinance will be held Monday, December 21.

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Where is Your Responsibility, Governor Lee?

“Governor Bill Lee, you’ve said time and time again that the only way to manage this crisis is through personal responsibility, but we ask you, Sir – WHERE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IN THIS MATTER?”

Dr. Martin of Protect My Care reams Governor Lee for his botched handling of #COVID19.


The Science Behind the Coronavirus Vaccine

Dr. John Palisano, former Professor at the University of the South, joins again to talk about the Coronavirus and why it has proven to be so deadly, but also about the amazing science and technology that will bring us vaccines in the next few weeks.  How do vaccines work and why it is so important to get one? Effective and safe – welcome back science, we missed you!

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“We Need a Statewide Mask Mandate” – Mayor Greer

HENRY COUNTY MAYOR BRENT GREER: “I consider Gov. Bill Lee a friend… but It would’ve sent a stronger message if we all stood together on a statewide mask mandate.”

Of the 10 Tennessee counties with the highest positivity rates, Henry County is the only one with a mask mandate.

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Wearing a Mask Doesn’t Make You Less Free

“My freedom is not involved in a mask. My freedom is having the opportunity to survive in America like everybody else.” Rep. Shaw lambasts the Tennessee GOP and Governor Bill Lee for their lack of leadership on #COVID19 which has landed TN in both an economic crisis and a healthcare catastrophe.


COVID Grits with Rep. Gloria Johnson

#1 Grittle Rep. Gloria Johnson joins Aftyn and Anna to discuss the state of COVID19 in Tennessee, while the Tennessee Republican leadership points fingers at Venezuela for Trump’s loss. The girls apologize for the audio as they were not in Anna’s closet for this episode. ?

CNBC article featuring Rep. Gloria Johnson

Rep. Johnson co-signed a letter about TN  student evaluations about a month ago

Martine Hope, Mountain City educator from Johnson City that passed away

Susan Keener, Murfreesboro special needs teacher that passed away in October

Daily Yonder, Nine out of 10 Rural Counties Are in the Covid-19 Red Zone


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Janice Bowling Unwittingly Makes Case for Abortion

Staunchly anti-reproductive freedom Senator JANICE BOWLING unwittingly made the case for abortion rights while fighting a UT vaccine requirement.


AOC on Why Medicare for All is the Only Path Forward

 “We are already projected to pay more in our current broken system than we would if we were to just guarantee everyone healthcare in this country.”
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez breaks down why Medicare For All is the only path forward – and that it will win.
Video from Center for Health and Democracy‘s Medicare for All webinar.