Last night the FBI executed a surprise search at Mar-A-Lago. The former president put out a statement confirming it, doing all he could to paint the FBI as a “radical left”-controlled agency out to get him – which is, of course, absurd.

If you actually believe the FBI is “Radical Left”, you are dangerously gullible. 

Not much is known about the nature of the search, but word is it has something to do with classified documents, which ironically is exactly what they used to chant “lock her up!” about when Hillary was in the mix.

Of course, now that it’s their guy’s day in the barrel his wildly hypocritical flock is calling for “civil war” and talking about how the Department of Justice and FBI are being “weaponized” – despite the fact that TRUMP APPOINTED THE CURRENT HEAD OF THE FBI, and a Trump-appointed judge would’ve had to sign off on the search warrant.

Many, like Marsha Blackburn, are attempting to use Hunter Biden as a shield, essentially saying if Hunter isn’t imprisoned that means Trump should be able to get away with anything and everything.

But what they leave out is the pesky fact that Hunter WAS federally investigated, and has not yet been found guilty of any crimes.

And we don’t remember Democrats threatening civil war over it.

None of this has anything to do with Hunter. The law is the law. If you’re viewing this through a political lens rather than what’s right and just, you’re already doing it wrong and proving that “law and order” is not what you actually value.

We also can’t help but notice how none of the people bringing up Hunter Biden today seem to care that Trump’s daughter’s husband got $2 BILLION from the Saudis months after leaving office. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The reactions here in Tennessee from Republicans are very troubling. Knoxville Rep. Jason advocating for a sheriff to defy the law to protect a corrupt president, and county mayor Glenn Jacobs, Chuck Fleischmann, and Diana Harshbarger are all implying Trump should be above the law.

Never let the TN GOP claim to be about the rule of law ever again.

As horrific as Trump’s obvious crimes have been, It’s really the reaction to this that should alarm everyone.

Trump’s people are not saying he’s innocent. They’re not saying he has nothing to hide.

They’re saying he should be above the law, and they’re proving that their loyalty is not to the country or the constitution, but instead to the most corrupt president this country has ever seen.

Their reaction is an INSUR-REACTION. The insurrection is ongoing, and the cover-up is part of it.

The irony is actually holding a corrupt former president accountable IS what makes America great, as this Russian will tell you.👇🏽 🇺🇸

If you’re more upset about an obviously corrupt former president getting searched by law enforcement under judges and officials he appointed than you were about him leading a violent insurrection against our country, you have lost the thread.

Nobody should be above the law.

If Trump his guilty, the process needs to play out and prove it. And in the meantime, we will watch as Republicans across the country tell on themselves and reveal how little they actually care about the Rule of Law.

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– The Holler
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NEW: Trump wanted American generals to be more like Hitler’s generals. Any questions?

WATCH: “Republicans have been completely overwhelmed by the extremist MAGA branch… I wish we had more bravery in the GOP.” On WZTV FOX 17 News, Nashville the Holler’s Justin Kanew says the GOP is now an extreme party, and claiming that to be true of both parties is wrong and runs cover for them.

BLACKBURN & HAGERTY OPPOSE AN INSULIN CAP“IT WOULD MEAN LIFE… more people will die… Republican senators Blackburn & Hagerty voted to take out a provision that would also cap insulin costs for those with private insurance…” 😳

-1 in 3 Tennesseans have medical debt
-4 out of 5 diabetics went into debt to pay for insulin
-700,000+ Tennesseans have diabetes
-100,000+ die yearly of diabetes
TLDR: Tennessee’s senators are cruel and don’t care about human suffering.

HOW IS THIS LEGAL: So former senator Brian Kelsey – who is under federal investigation for campaign finance issues – is now the lawyer representing Gov. Lee’s voucher program he helped pass? 🤔 Get a law passed, then go get rich being a lawyer for it?

“CLEAR THE LIST” — while Gov. Lee brags about a budget surplus and steers millions of public dollars to private schools “Tennessee teachers are facing a financial crisis in the classroom, reaching into their own pockets to pay for school supplies…”

KANEW: “Glen Casada is no longer in the legislature, and Justin Jones is.” – On Fox Nashville The Holler’s  Justin Kanew highlights the fall of ex-speaker Glen Casada vs. the rise of Rep Justin Jones — says “Justin needs to be Justin” and not worry how petty GOP leadership will treat him. (Just ask Gloria Johnson)

BIDEN: “There’s a whole range of things in the Inflation Reduction Act that are really game-changing for ordinary folks.” Blackburn & Hagerty just voted against lowering health care costs for seniors & diabetics.🤔😳

👀FOX’S DOOCY: “The Inflation Reduction Act let’s Medicare negotiate lower drug prices —- if you’re on a fixed income and older you love that, regardless of party.” Even Fox hosts are on board, as Senator Mike Lee struggles to frame a negotiation (capitalism!) as “price fixing”🤔

Everything Marsha says is a lie. 🤥

Hard to argue. Dems are governing while republicans try to make us afraid of one another.

⛽️ GAS PRICES DOWN: Interesting how quiet Marsha & co. Have gotten about gas prices lately…

WATCH: Tennessee’s Senator Bill Hagerty calls a booming jobs report (and low unemployment) “VERY DISCOURAGING” 🤔 He’s being honest — Adding jobs is bad when all you care about is your side clinging to power. When they tell you who they are, believe them.


MEANWHILE ON THE BULLSHIT FACTORY:  Fox says the Inflation Reduction Act means the IRS will Come rob you at gunpoint 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫🥴🥴

Even Manchin isn’t having it from the Republicans. #InflationReductionAct

🚨👇🏽BANNON: “The school boards are the key that picks the lock.” Texas CFO: “We took over four school boards.” (By “we” he means anti-public school extremists who want to keep our kids ignorant… should sound very familiar and frightening to Tennesseans)

SUMNER COUNTY: A Commission race in the most diverse district is TIED between Brenda Dotson (D) & Terry Boyt (R) – Word is Rep William Lamberth is pressuring the commission to CHOOSE Boyt, not allow a run-off🤔 Worth mentioning: The County Commission is entirely white and Republican. Email them here.

TN-5 —- Rep. Jim Cooper wastes no time endorsing Senator Heidi Campbell over far right extremist Andy Ogles as his replacement👇🏽

WATCH: “Ogles is as extreme as it gets. Senator Heidi Campbell is the adult in the room and the unifier.” The Holler’s Kanew on the TN-5 face-off between Sen Campbell and far-right election denier Ogles (called the pandemic “fake”, racist to Asians, wants to impeach Biden, etc.)

Hey TN-5, THIS is the choice you face 👇🏽 Do you want a Rep like Andy Ogles who thinks we’re at “war” with each other? Or Rep Campbell who wants to find common ground and bring us together? Pretty easy choice if you ask us.

TEACHER SHORTAGE: ReminderThe teacher shortage is a feature not a bug for PRIVATIZERS like Gov. Lee who want to see public funds redirected to private schools.

🔥DR. JASON MARTIN: “BILL LEE HAS FAILED YOU ALL.” Newly minted Democratic nominee for Governor Dr. Jason Martin didn’t hold back about Gov. Lee in his victory speech, listing ways lee has failed Tennessee. #WarOnSchools #WarOnTeachers #ExpandMedicaid #BansOffOurBodies

Reminder: It’s not just an insulin cap we need… #MedicareForAll

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