With RBG’s death and the fate of the Supreme Court in question, Anna and Aftyn outline how we got here, what’s to come, and what you can do about it. TLDR: Aftyn’s arch-nemesis Mitch McConnell doesn’t play by the rules, and don’t let Tennessee’s Senator Alexander retire to Canada in peace.

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We Are Wide Awake

Joining us on the pod today is Victoria Manning, the brains behind Sunrise Tennessee’s latest action against Senator Lamar Alexander where we got up at 4 in the morning to make noise outside of his house because of the injustice of him agreeing to participate in the Supreme Court nomination vote. We talk about the action and we also put it into the broader historical context of why direct actions are a crucial strategic tool for Sunrise and all mass movements to use to make meaningful change. We also dive into what the left should push for when it comes to the Supreme Court, and why electing people like Marquita Bradshaw to the Senate is so important to winning an equitable future.

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FULL PODCAST available on Apple Podcasts and wherever else you like to listen.