Want Expertise? Come Holler At Us

“When you see us you shouldn’t just think of Black issues. If you want to think about climate issues, economic issues…come holler at us.”

Odessa Kelly, Executive Director of Stand Up Nashville, with Charlane and Tequila on #PorchPolitics talking about the broad expertise of the Black community.

Charlane and Tequila are Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors of The Equity Alliance.

Porch Politics is recorded LIVE from our porch every other Thursday at 6 pm CT. You can stream it on The Tennessee Holler or wait for it to drop as a podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever else you like to listen.

COMING SOON: PORCH POLITICS with The Equity Alliance

Porch Politics, a new podcast on The Tennessee Holler Podcast Network, will be coming your way on August 6th!

Voiced by Charlane Oliver and Tequila Johnson, Porch Politics is a raw, real and unapologetic conversation between friends turned democracy entrepreneurs. They are co-founders and co-executive directors of The Equity Alliance, a Tennessee statewide force in building Black voter engagement and economic power, purposed to uproot systems of inequity.

Stay tuned!


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