CLAY COUNTY TO GOV. LEE: “HELP US!” – Hospital Closure Day of Action Planned for Monday

Last week yet another of Tennessee’s rural hospitals announced it would be closing its doors, bringing the total up to a dozen – the most per capita of any state in the country.

This time it’s Clay County’s Cumberland River Hospital falling on hard times.

According to many, including Rep. John Mark Windle, the Republican supermajority’s refusal to Expand Medicaid – as the previous Republican Governor wanted to – is playing a major role in why these hospitals are struggling so badly.

The purely political decision is not only harming these hospitals, it is also causing grave harm to hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans being forced to go without health coverage, which quite literally amounts to death in many cases.

Clay County is not taking this lying down. They’re asking for help.

A Day of Action has been planned for Monday.

Watch and share their video with local resident TN House District 38 candidate Carol Abney HERE, and join them in hollering at Governor Lee to put people over politics and do the right thing by expanding Medicaid and saving hospitals like Clay County’s before it’s too late.

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