AUDIO: Wilson County’s “UNKIND” Anti-Refugees Proclamation

Wilson County Resident Trisha Farmer talks to Wilson County Commissioner Bobby Franklin about their “unkind” anti-refugees proclamation intended to send Gov. Lee a message, which will be voted on tonight.

Franklin says he takes issue with the resources refugees take up – but only 13 refugees have been placed in Wilson County since 2002. The impact on Wilson County’s budget is statistically insignificant.

He also says people are being “recruited”, a dubious claim, and says in Minnesota refugees are changing things “culturally” which he calls a “downside” – clearly toeing the line of racism and bigotry at worst, xenophobia at best.

Governor Lee has been attacked by conservatives for his willingness to allow refugees to continue to come to Tennessee.

The Wilson County vote is scheduled for TONIGHT.

Holler at the County Commissioners HERE.


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