“If I was raped, I would move.” Our first Holler video ever was back in February of 2019, when Kanew went to a town hall in Franklin and asked then-speaker, now-retiring Glen Casada about his support for Rep. David Byrd, who had apologized ON TAPE for abusing high school girls.

Casada made him chair of an education subcommittee. 😳

It was the first in a long line of Casada transgressions which would emerge over the course of the following months, causing him to lose the support of his own caucus and ultimately resign in shame as the shortest serving speaker in Tennessee history.

Now, with Casada announcing he will not seek re-election in 2022, the fall from grace is complete. We’d like to think we poured some gas on that fire, but much of the credit belongs with reporter Phil Williams, whose dogged pursuit of the story day after day delivered us from the clutches of Casada’s corruption.

Racism. Sexism. Crimes. Bribes. Threats. The Casada story had it all, much of which is featured here in our SUPERCUT  if you have a few minutes to spare.

He was even discussed on John Oliver’s show at one point. when Oliver Gloriously Roasted Casada and & his Racist, Coke-Snorting-at-the-office aide Cade Cothren.
If you’ve ever wanted to hear one of the funniest men in the world say “Cade Cothren’s Rapidly-Expelled Ejaculate”, there’s your chance.

It’s hard not to wonder if Casada deciding not to run again had anything to do with the #TNFBIRaids, the outcome of which is still to be determined. 👀 Seeing Casada answer the door for the raid in his short white hotel robe he probably stole from a hotel he stayed at using taxpayer money is still one of the highlights of our year.

Williamson County went ahead and re-elected Casada this past cycle, but it can do so much better. As Casada fades into oblivion and irrelevance, his brief, embarrassing stint as speaker should always serve as a warning of the perils of believing you’re invincible, ruling with fear, and putting yourself ahead of those you serve.

We must admit, we take some pride in Casada’s demise. It shows that yelling the truth works, and we’ll continue to do it. Thank you as always for subscribing, and please consider chipping in – the monthly support truly keeps us going. 

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TENNESSEE PASTORS TO GOV. LEE: “Allowing (the pro-COVID law your party just passed) to move in to law will undoubtedly result in needless death, suffering, and expense among the people and families of Tennessee.” 😷

CRT AT APSU: “If we can’t have these discussions in a more open, civil, transparent way it’s hard to see how we can move forward as a society.” Prof. Kenney is bravely starting a course on “what CRT is & isn’t”. 👏🏽

TN KIDS GETTING VACCINATED: “The kiddos turn has finally come. Tennessee immunized thousands of younger children this week…” 😷

KRUGMAN ON INFLATION FEARMONGERING: “Pronouncements inflation can’t be transitory because it persisted for months are silly…no reason to cancel long-term investment plans…knee-jerk comparisons with 1970s are looking at the wrong history. The right history tells you not to panic.”

REPUBLICAN INFRASTRUCTURE ANGER: Republican Fred Upton got this message for supporting a bipartisan infrastructure bill. And his House GOP colleagues want to strip his committees. Today’s GOP, folks.


TENNESSEE PASTORS TO HAGERTY & BLACKBURN: “We implore you to vote to pass the Build Back Better Act (Universal Pre-K, paid leave, etc…) as it reflects many of our core Christian values.” #PassThePeoplesBudget

MORE HATE IN OUR STATE: “White nationalist group American Renaissance is hosting its conference here in Tennessee at Montgomery Bell State Park… protests are planned. We have more than our share of these events here. They seem to feel very at home in Tennessee.”

AHMAUD ARBERY DEFENSE LAWYER: “We don’t want any more black pastors coming in here…” – attorney Kevin Gough, who represents William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., one of the white men who killed unarmed #AhmaudArbery in broad daylight. (Crazy that a guy with a confederate license plate who said he trapped Ahmaud “like a rat” would hire an openly racist attorney who woulda thought!)

ICYMI — Yet another judge just ruled against a mask mandate ban like the one Gov. Bill Lee signed here in Tennessee for the way it discriminates against kids with disabilities.

WATCH: “I CAN’T BREATHE.” – New video of 22yo DJ Barrett’s death at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row in August. Barrett punched a bouncer, then was held down by 5-6 bouncers til he died. ruled a homicide asphyxiation. No charges yet.

LOVE AT THE CMA’S: TJ of Brothers Osborne kissed his boyfriend after winning for Best Duo — earlier this year the TN HOUSE GOP hatefully BLOCKED a resolution honoring him. One of the pettiest and ugliest moments in a petty and ugly session. 🏳️‍🌈

YOUNGKIN’S KID TRIED TO VOTE ILLEGALLY: “I am a little frustrated the media is paying so much attention to it.” — new VA GOV Glenn Youngkin would prefer nobody talk about his 17 year old son trying to vote illegally. 🤷🏻‍♂️

RITTENHOUSE THE NEW GEORGE FLOYD? It was only a matter of time — Fox News host Lawrence Jones compares vigilante killer Kyle Rittenhouse to George Floyd. 😕

JUDGE’S TRUMPY CELL PHONE RING: Judge Schroeder’s phone rings in the middle of the Rittenhouse trial… the ringtone happens to be Trump’s walk-on song “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood 👀 – not hard to see how this trial is probably going.

🎻 Rittenhouse crying, or attempting to cry, left a lot of people feeling cold… and making videos about it. Life comes at you fast.

people are dead. Rittenhouse went looking for trouble. His tears are tough to empathize with, and the judge is very clearly in the tank for him.


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