Kelley Henry and The Pervis Payne Case

Attorney Kelley Henry joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage to discuss her work as a Death Row Attorney, specifically with the urgent Pervis Payne case.

For more information on how to help Pervis Payne’s case, click here.

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Rutherford County Candidates Comment on Breonna Taylor’s Case

The Murfreesboro Holler asked Rutherford County candidates to comment on the injustice of Breonna Taylor’s case. Here is what they said:

Mariah Phillips:

“Justice is not done here in this case. I pray for the family and friends of Ms. Taylor. I pray for the people of Kentucky to come together, and I pray for our entire community and the country who find too many instances where wrongful death occurs and justice is not served. If that situation was handled differently, it would have been safer for the police involved, and Breonna Taylor, who was innocent, would still have her life today. We are in dire need of criminal justice reform, and the best way to change laws is to change the lawmakers.”


Chase Clemons:

As we’ve seen far too many times, the officers involved with the murder of Breonna Taylor will not be held accountable. Justice demands that we do more. That starts with electing leaders that will do away with no-knock warrants, ban chokeholds, and work towards true reform of our justice system. When you go to vote, say their names – Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Mike Brown – and elect representatives that will deliver the change we desperately need.


Brandon Thomas:

“I know so many of the people who live in District 49, Black Tennesseans and the people who love them, are feeling this pain. They felt it when Breonna Taylor was killed, and they felt it again last night when no officers were charged for her death. I cannot say this enough – we need people in office who know what this pain feels like. We need people who have felt this pain to be at the table when decisions are being made. We need more Black voices in these legislative discussions so that we can begin to create change, by doing things like ending no-knock raids and qualified immunity. Together as a community we have to fight for an equitable justice system”


Matt Ferry:

In 1963, Reverend Martin Luther King wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Nearly 60 years later, that statement stings when we realize just how much work we still have to do when it comes to racial injustice. The inaction on the part of the judicial system we witnessed on Wednesday is an absolute miscarriage of justice and a stain on the fabric of our nation. 

The sooner we come to terms with the fact that the letter of the law reads differently for many folks based on lines of race and socioeconomic status, the sooner we can address the problems plaguing the United States criminal justice system. 

My heart and thoughts are with the family of Breonna Taylor as well as with those who continue to fight for justice and equality in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Medical Marijuana in Tennessee

Medical marijuana is a hot topic for many people in the United States of America. For the longest time, marijuana has been classed as an illegal drug that could land long jail sentences for those caught in possession of it. Now it is available in many forms to target different illnesses and pains, for example, private label softgels.

However, times are constantly changing and so are people’s opinions on marijuana and cbd edibles. More and more citizens and health officials have been opening their eyes to the potential benefits of medical marijuana and its derivatives as well. Medical marijuana has been known to treat chronic diseases where pain, low mood, and inflammation are factors. Marijuana is known to have been used as a medical treatment as early as ancient China where it is said to have been a complementary treatment to acupuncture. CBD is a close relative taken from the hemp plant (consumed either as an oil or in Private Label CBD Capsules) which can treat similar conditions as well.

With such potential benefits, it’s important to have a clear and detailed discussion on medical marijuana and its derivatives and how they can benefit America. Whether it be in the form of CBD products, cannabis edibles, vape liquids or whatever else is necessary.

In the following podcast. Host Sandra Rice and Candidate Jarvus Turnley for State House District 66 talk about legalizing medical marijuana. A Vanderbilt study reports that 80% of Tennesseans support it and 33 states already do but the GOP General Assembly balks. They also review CBD and THC as well as efforts to decriminalize marijuana possession and criminal justice reform.

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The Cash Bail System

Rev. Davie Tucker, Board Member of The Nashville Community Bail Fund, joins Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage for a discussion on the current cash bail system and mass incarceration.

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Cops Let a Violent White Trump Supporter Go

SALEM, OREGON: White Trump supporter BRUTALLY ASSAULTS 2 PROTESTORS and PUNCHES A COP the Salem Police Department lets him WALK FREE WITHIN AN HOUR.

Question for Trump/Kenosha Killer supporters — would it have been ok to shoot this guy in the face? Or any of these people chasing these protestors, for that matter? Cool to open fire on all of them? We’re just wondering how the rules work.

Our original post. Footage from Sergio Olmos.

Be Better Belmont

Aftyn and Anna interview Claire and Safara, organizers with the Be Better Belmont campaign, which is pushing Belmont’s college administration to divest from the private prison system. #CancelCoreCivic.
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Officer Briggs RIPS MASK off Man Recording Cops

Officer Briggs, a Tennessee State Trooper, harasses Andrew Golden who had stopped to film other officers making an arrest. Briggs approaches Golden, hand on his gun, and proceeds to intimidate Golden, eventually ripping Golden’s mask off his face.

Briggs has a history of harassing protesters.

Original video



FLOODS OF JUSTICE is back again with a new episode! Pastor Kevin Riggs and Kevin Sage discuss the immorality of the death penalty within the context of what it truly means to make peace and combat injustice.

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Justin Kanew talks with Jade and Emma Rose from Teens For Equality, the organizers of the largest Black Lives Matter march in Nashville yet. We hear about their experience and they share their perspective on the moment our country is in. Our future is in good hands with these kids!

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Justin Kanew and Erik Heipt discuss the murder of Sterling Higgins, a Black man from West Tennessee who died at the hands of the cops in a case of police brutality. Warning to listeners that this episode contains descriptions of graphic content and racial violence.

Erik Heipt is a civil rights attorney.

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