TNDP Exec Member Resigns After Hate-Speech Video Goes Viral (Bonus: He’s Also a Mayor)

A member of the Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committee and elected official in East Tennessee has resigned after a hate speech-filled video of he and his wife aired on YouTube. (Warning: This video contains obscenities.)

Bill Fannon, mayor of Tazewell in East Tennessee, resigned from his District 8 seat following posting of the video which showed him evicting tenants from an apartment owned by the Fannons. The video is filled with obscene language and features Fannon and his wife, Kat, insulting and threatening teenage renters and their mother.

“Wait till the cops get here and I’m going to let him know about you and then I’m going to knock your teeth into the back of your g–damn head,” Fannon says to one of his tenants, a 17-year-old boy.

His wife, Kat Fannon, calls the boy a “queer” and says “I wouldn’t touch you: I might get something,” while calling a young woman shown in the video a “whore” and “poor trash.”

In the two minute video, the Fannons say the teens didn’t pay rent, while the renters in turn say the couple didn’t make necessary repairs to the property.

Usually, in the circumstance that a tenant hasn’t paid their rent, they are issued a Late Rent Notice (see a template at which advises them that they are in violation of the rental agreement. This means the tenant has two choices; either pay the past due amount of rent by a specific date or vacate the premises and surrender possession of the rental.

Another TNDP Executive Committeenmember, Robin Smith, former mayor of Decherd and committee member from District 16, resigned after being indicted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on charges he allegedly stole money from misdemeanor probationers under his supervision and used it for his own use.

Members of the TNDP Executive Committee said they were notified about both Smith’s and Fannon’s resignations via e-mail Sept. 9.

The resignations bring the total number of vacancies on the TNDP Executive Committee to eight.

Robin Smith, former Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committee Member and former mayor of Decherd was indicted by the TBI.

(Editor’s note: Tennessee Holler co-founder, Holly McCall, ran against Mary Mancini for chair in January 2019.)


TN Republicans are trying to ignore a motion from Gloria Johnson to expel Byrd at the special session on Friday, so here’s an extended version of him apologizing for what 3 women accuse him of doing to them in high school.

The context is clear as a bell. He did it.

Holler at Speaker Cameron Sexton and tell him to take up Gloria’s motion, and show up Friday to make your voices heard.

[email protected]

ETHICS COMPLAINT Says D.A. Northcott Wouldn’t Prosecute Asst. Police Chief’s Brother for Domestic Assault

Coffee County resident Cindy Lowe this week filed a complaint with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility against District Attorney Craig Northcott for an “Ethics Violation” in connection with an alleged domestic assault incident that took place in 2015, in which she believes Northcott neglected to prosecute her abuser because Joseph Floied was the brother of Manchester Assistant Chief of Police Adam Floied, and proceeded to maliciously pursue charges against her because she wouldn’t stop seeking justice.

This comes on the heels of over 300 Tennessee lawyers filing a complaint of their own seeking to have Northcott’s license suspended due to the statements The Holler surfaced back in June that clearly show he does not believe domestic violence laws should be used to protect people in same-sex relationships despite the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling.

Northcott has been in the spotlight lately as the special prosecutor handling the case of civil rights activist Justin Jones, who is charged with assault for an incident with soon to be ex-speaker Glen Casada.

We recently outed Northcott’s open Islamophobia and homophobia, and his refusal to obey the supreme court’s marriage equality ruling, both of which which contributed to the decision by Jones to file a motion to have Northcott removed from the case.

That motion is still pending.

We’ve also reported on Northcott’s curious decision not have the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation look into whether or not Casada’s office falsified evidence to have Jones thrown in jail – even though the TBI has offered to do so, and Casada’s chief of staff has emailed Northcott encouraging him to do so as well.

Both Northcott’s unwillingness to respect the Supreme Court’s authority with regard to marriage equality and his refusal to call in the TBI speak to Northcott’s clear belief that District Attorneys are all-powerful and answer to virtually nobody. Northcott has even said as much in the past, where he told an audience:

“DAs have what’s called prosecutorial discretion. Y’all need to know who your DA is. Y’all give us a lot of authority whether you know it or not, we can choose to prosecute anything. We can choose not to prosecute anything, up to and including murder. It’s our choice, unfettered.”

The incident with Cindy Lowe may be yet another example. The complaint says the following:

“On May 24, 2015, Deputies from the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to the residence of Cindy Lowe to perform a welfare check. Upon arrival the Deputies encountered Cindy Lowe and Joseph Floied in an apprehensive state. Deputies immediately noticed obvious injuries to Ms. Lowe. These injuries included blood on her face, bruising to her arm, and an unequivocal bite mark to her right arm. Due to the obvious and abundant injuries to Ms. Lowe, the Deputies encouraged Ms. Lowe to press charges against Mr. Floied.”

It goes on to say that Mr. Floied then told the deputies he was the brother of Manchester Police Department Assistant Chief Adam Floied, at which point they made a “courtesy call” to Adam, who came and picked his brother up and took him away without arrest.

Ms. Lowe says she “aggressively pursued justice with the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney Craig Northcott’s Office”, concerned that Floied would “evade justice” because of his connection to Manchester PD.

More from the complaint:

“During the early part of the investigation by Sgt. Danny Ferrell, Ms. Lowe was assured that it was clear to Sgt. Ferrell who the aggressor was and that based upon the evidence, she could not be charged. Later, after Ms. Lowe continued to aggressively pursue movement in the case, Sgt. Ferrell reversed course and declared that he would file charges against both Ms. Lowe and Joseph Floied. Ms. Lowe believes that she was only charged as a result of her unyielding determination to see that her assault would not go unpunished.”

She says that because of District Attorney Northcott’s handling of the case she tried to have him removed, but Northcott himself denied the request, and the subsequent motion to have him disqualified was also denied.

In July of 2016 the case against Ms. Lowe was dismissed. She then filed suit for Malicious Prosecution and violations of her 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights, but the the case was dismissed “without prejudice”.

Ms. Lowe contends that:

“District Attorney Craig Northcott has acted in violation of the Rules of Professional Responsibility and abused his position by: a) pursuing charges against her that were not supported by the evidence, b) pursuing charges against her despite that pursuit furthering an appearance of impropriety, c) misrepresentation in a legal tribunal to diminish the appearance of the impropriety.

As a result of these violations, Ms. Lowe reasons that DA Northcott has displayed a wanton indifference to his legal obligations as a prosecutor… a systemic abuse of discretion that is prejudicial to the administration of justice…  she has been a victim of a miscarriage of justice perpetrated by a Prosecutor who has disregarded his prosecutorial obligations for personal and political purposes by abusing the broad discretion empowered upon him as prosecutor. Ms. Lowe asks this Board to weigh the evidence presented and to sanction Mr. Northcott accordingly.”

Lowes says that when the brother of the Assistant Chief of the Manchester Police Department is afforded preferential treatment in a domestic assault investigation, there is a strong appearance of impropriety:

“A courtesy call to Adam Floied as a member of the Manchester Police Department is a privilege not afforded to ordinary members of the public. The lack of an arrest in the face of the evidence at the scene is a privilege not afforded to ordinary members of the public. DA Northcott’s own admission that he informed Asst. Chief Floied, “I’m going to handle your brother’s case, or something like that, I’m going to go deal with that,” indicates a familiarity that is not afforded to ordinary members of the public.”

She says Asst. Chief Floied and DA Northcott have “an active and public social media friendship” which bring into question his impartiality and gives “the appearance of impropriety”.

“DA Northcott has recently demonstrated that he is willing to use his prosecutorial discretion for personal and political purposes.  In a videotaped speaking engagement in 2018, DA Northcott made a proclamation at a gathering of religious leaders to explicitly announce that he would use his prosecutorial discretion for the sole political purpose of not prosecuting those who violate the law on Christian grounds. He stated, “So, to deal with that, you elect a good Christian man as DA, and you’ll make sure at least they don’t get prosecuted criminally.”

At that same gathering, DA Northcott revealed his reluctance to prosecute for domestic assault by stating, “There’s a subcategory of assault called domestic assault, But a domestic assault carries more punishment: You forever lose the right to own a gun under federal and state law, you have restrictions on your movement that you otherwise wouldn’t have under what we call ‘simple assault’ and there are other enhanced punishments.” The last statement indicates DA Northcott understands the ramifications of a domestic assault conviction and displays his hesitancy in applying it.”

Lowe contends these comments confirm DA Northcott abuses his position of power for his own political and personal benefit:

“DA Northcott has continued to make statements, without apology, about not applying the law or recognizing Constitutional protections to homosexuals or non-Christians. Ms. Lowe offers that in her case, it is not the promise to deny her full protection of the law, but it is the actual denial of the protections of the law. Ms. Lowe argues that this is calculated and intentional prosecutorial misconduct…

Ms. Lowe asks this Board to consider this complaint against the conduct of DA Northcott and to decide accordingly.

You can read the ethics complaint HERE, and the police reports HERE and HERE.

MORALLY INEPT: Byrd Lies to A Reporter, Lee Avoids Doing the Right Thing (again)

There was a sequence of events yesterday that was so ridiculous we just wanted to make sure to connect the dots for everyone.

As you all know by now, here in Tennessee we have a state representative named David Byrd who apologized on tape to one of 3 women who say he sexually abused them when he was their basketball coach in high school.
Despite hearing the tape, and hearing Byrd apologize for what he had done, Speaker Glen Casada helped Byrd get re-elected by attacking the victims as “fake news”, and then promptly made Byrd chair of an education subcommittee after he won.
Casada would later remove him, only after a group of brave women relentlessly pointed out that it was a disgusting thing to do (and only after Byrd went against Casada on a key vote to help Governor Lee privatize public schools dollars through his school voucher program).
During the ordeal, Speaker Casada lied to The Holler about meeting with the victims. Governor Lee actually did meet with one of them, and then finally, 70 days later – only after Speaker Casada went up in flames and agreed to stop being speaker – Governor Lee said he believed the victims… but stopped short of asking Byrd to resign.
That brings us to just this week, when brave Tennessean Anna Grabowski confronted Lee, asking him to get Byrd out of the legislature. Lee told her it would happen “soon”, seeming to imply Byrd would be expelled at the upcoming special session to remove speaker Casada in August.

Wonderful! Better late than never, right? Finally it seemed Governor Lee was going to do the right thing and get the Tennessee Republican supermajority to expel David Byrd (aka Tennessee’s Jeffrey Epstein) during the special session in August.
Not so fast.
The same day we posted that video (yesterday), Governor Lee then spoke to the Tennessean and told them he wasn’t asking Byrd to resign, and Byrd wouldn’t be expelled at the special session. Instead, Lee told them he had called David Byrd and asked him not to run again… in 18 months.
In other words, Governor Lee believes the victims, and believes David Byrd did sexually abuse those children, but he’s willing to let him stay in office for nearly TWO MORE YEARS. 
Not only that, but Lee also told channel 5 news that when Anna Grabowski asked him to get the “child molester” out of office, Lee thought she was asking him about Speaker Casada, and he says he was talking about removing him as speaker, not expelling Byrd.

This is literally impossible to believe. Anna was 1 foot from him. The exchange is clear.
On top of that, when AP reporter Kim Kruesi reached out to Rep. Byrd to ask him if Lee had in fact asked him not to run again, Byrd told her that wasn’t true.

Byrd then immediately tried to backtrack and say it was a “private conversation” he had had with Lee. But it was too late. He had already outed himself on the record to a reporter as a liar, while also essentially calling Governor Lee a liar.
So, TO RECAP: Governor Lee almost did the right thing, only to find a way to do the wrong thing, then lied about why he seemed to almost do the right thing… while Byrd lied about Governor Lee doing the wrong thing and essentially called the Governor a liar.
Got all that?
Bottom Line: The truth does not matter to these people.
Meanwhile, Byrd is still in office, as is Speaker Casada, and Governor Lee manages to show us his true colors daily, putting his moral incompetence and inability to actually do the right thing on full display.
This one should’ve been easy all along. Child sex abuse should not be a partisan issue.
Byrd must go. And he should take speaker Casada with him. Holler at Governor Lee if you agree.

Stop Byrd Protestors Stage 24-hour Sit-In At Governor Lee’s Office | TN Holler

Rep. David Byrd has apologized on tape to 1 of 3 women who say he molested them as children.

Even after meeting with one of Byrd’s victims, Governor Lee has been silent about Byrd’s presence in the legislature- so Enough Is Enough-TN staged a sit-in at Lee’s office, and ended up spending the night, as state trooper’s threatened the press with arrests.

Watch the VIDEO:

And holler at Governor Lee HERE if you think #ByrdMustGo.


We couldn’t make this up even if we tried: JD Byrd, son of Rep. David Byrd – who has apologized on tape to 1 of 3 women who say he sexually molested them in high school – has just resigned as coach of Jackson Christian boys basketball team, and it seems it was for “inappropriate communication with a student”, according to an email that went out from the principal’s office. (SEE BELOW)

Apple, meet tree.

We’ve left word for the athletic director.

The school president is away on a mission trip.

More on this story as it develops….



“We will not let Speaker Glen Casada silence dissent in the People’s House.”

Extended Video shows what happened when the peaceful protestors Speaker Glen Casada had dragged from Rep. Byrd’s committee last week returned to another meeting.

(Also featuring Rep. Gloria Johnson calling for Byrd’s resignation, and the silence of State Representatives Ryan Williams and William Lamberth)

HYPOCRISY ALERT: TN GOP To Pass Sex Abuse Awareness Resolution While Silent On Byrd

Yet another incredible chapter of the Rep. David Byrd saga is unfolding right before our eyes, albeit under the radar.

Rep. Mike Sparks (R-Smyrna) is carrying a joint resolution to be heard by the Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning that “Urges the state to increase awareness of sexual abuse and the substance abuse and crime that result from sexual abuse.”

It passed a subcommittee by voice vote last week.

This is happening while still not a single Republican member of the legislature has spoken out against Rep. David Byrd, who apologized on tape to 1 of the 3 women who have now accused him of sexually molesting them when they were high school basketball players playing for him at Wayne County High School.

Former Speaker Beth Harwell asked Byrd to step down. Current Speaker Glen Casada not only hasn’t done that, he promoted Byrd to chair of an education subcommittee.

Here’s some video of Sparks presenting the resolution to a subcommittee, where it passed by voice vote:

The hypocrisy levels are off the charts on this one. From the Resolution:

“It is vitally important that victims of sexual abuse receive appropriate treatment and care that involve understanding, recognizing, and responding to the types of trauma to help them become survivors and rebuild a sense of control and empowerment.”

It’s almost as if they’re trolling Byrd’s victims and everyone who stands with them, including the women Speaker Casada had thrown out of Byrd’s subcommittee hearing last week for no reason.

All this comes after Casada blatantly lied about ever meeting with the victims, who he proceeded to run ads against calling them fake news.

This resolution rings hollow given the current situation. If you agree, holler at Sparks, and Speaker Casada.

And feel free to join Enough is Enough at Byrd’s subcommittee hearing Tuesday afternoon at 4pm at the Cordell Hull Building.

Fidel Casada: “Your 1st Amendment Rights End At Your Nose”

Today the Tennessean has a story out from Natalie Allison detailing all the ways Speaker Casada has silenced dissent in recent days, particularly with regard to the admitted sex offender he has appointed to chair of an education subcommittee.

Aside from removing peaceful protestors from that committee, here are just some of the ways the Tennessean reminds us Casada is removing transparency from our legislature:

“Under Casada’s leadership, he’s implemented a rule change limiting debate on the House floor. That led to Casada cutting off the microphones of two Democrats on Thursday as they questioned the speaker.”

Here’s VIDEO of that, in case you missed it:

The Tennessean then goes on to point out:

“Several of his appointed committee chairmen have banned livestreaming from personal devices in meetings. A Casada spokesman has said a similar rule is in place in the House chamber… Last week, Casada hastily left a news conference with the help of state troopers, who subsequently temporarily blocked reporters from exiting the room… In a separate incident, a state trooper was dispatched to a legislative office lobby after a television reporter posed questions to Casada’s chief of staff about Rep. David Byrd.”

Regarding removing the peaceful protestors (watch our video HERE), Speaker Casada again perpetuates the lie that they were a “disruption”.

The Meeting was not in session. The women sat silently when it was. Here’s the proof.

The Speaker then goes on to rewrite the constitution, saying protesting is “good” but:

“in an orderly manner… Your First Amendment rights end at your nose.”

“Your first Amendment rights end at your nose”?

What does that even mean? We don’t remember that part of our country’s original document.

Casada isn’t alone in his efforts to silence the women. Jerry “We All Make Mistakes” Sexton, who engaged with the protestors when the Byrd hearing was in recess, also chimes in in the article, as does Rep. Cameron Sexton, both helping Casada perpetuate the falsehood that the women were a “disruption”.

The women were quiet when the meeting was in session, and as Allison points out in the article the 8×11 pieces of paper they had were within the rules of the legislature.

Here’s the back story on that:

“In December 2017, former House Speaker Beth Harwell, R-Nashville, and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge, implemented a policy that sought to prohibit hand-carried signs and signs on “hand sticks” because they were deemed dangerous… The policy received pushback, including in an online petition, and was altered to allow small letter-sized signs. When the policy was updated in January 2018, Connie Ridley, director of legislative administration, said “large signs on sticks or poles” would be prohibited. The policy has not been updated since then… In recent years, protesters have frequently brought signs with them to criticize or encourage lawmakers to take action on legislation.”

So the signs were allowed, the women were quiet… and these men are completely in the wrong. If you have an issue with dissent being silenced in our country, holler at Fidel Casada HERE.