Last night the world watched in horror as the January 6th committee recounted, in gripping detail, how our capitol was attacked in a coordinated effort to subvert our democracy and stop a peaceful transfer or power led by the president of the United States, who at one point aimed the deadly weapon that was that mob at his own Vice President.

They chanted they wanted to hang him. Trump said maybe they should.

This was a crime. Even a federal judge has said so, as Rep. Liz Cheney pointed out last night, saying “A federal judge evaluated the facts and concluded Trump likely violated 2 FEDERAL CRIMINAL STATUTES.”

There are only 2 options: A) Charge Trump B) Don’t charge Trump

Knowing what we now know — how can you not bring charges against him? What kind of precedent does that set?

Rep. Cohen agrees, and told us in an interview this morning he believes Trump will be charged.

🔥 SENATOR AKBARI, often more mild-mannered, tweeted: “THOSE BASTARDS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.”

Again – it was a COORDINATED ATTACK, as laid out in this 5 minute summary of how the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers carried out the plan to attack the Capitol.

A coup attempt, and nothing less.

And TRUMP was clearly involved, as evidenced by the fact that he PLACED NO CALL – “Leaders on Capitol Hill begged the president for help, including Republican leader McCarthy… Trump PLACED NO CALL to any element of the 🇺🇸 government to instruct that the Capitol be defended,” Rep. Cheney told us.

The INSURRECTIONISTS themselves blamed Trump also, saying in no uncertain terms: “TRUMP ASKED US TO COME”

It’s no coincidence that former Trump campaign chief Steve BANNON said “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow” on the eve of the insurrection — which is why he refused to testify.

(Spoiler: The ones who wouldn’t testify are the guiltiest)

And it wasn’t just Trump – Rep. CHENEY said “Rep. Scott Perry and multiple other Republican congressmen sought presidential pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn a presidential election.”

A seditious conspiracy. Many have been charged with it already. As Rep. CHENEY said “It was not a spontaneous riot… Trump oversaw a 7-part plan to subvert the election and stop the peaceful transfer of power… we’ll show you.”

All based on a BIG FAT LIE.

BILL BARR, AG ON ELECTION DAY said to the committee “I told the president saying the election was stolen was BULLSHIT… it’s part of why I left when I did.”

TRUMP’S OWN DAUGHTER WASN’T BUYING IT. IVANKA said “I accepted what AG Barr was saying (that election theft claims were ‘BULLSHIT’)” 

And we saw a TRUMP CAMPAIGN LAWYER add “We weren’t finding anything to change the results… THERE’S NO THERE THERE.” 

And yet, Trump pushed and pushed until our capitol was attacked.

Here’s the COMPLETE VIDEO of the previously unseen video just aired by the January 6th committee. Horrifying.

Mick Mulvaney, who served as former Trump’s White House chief of staff for more than a year, called the video “STUNNING”:

CAPITOL POLICE OFFICER CAROLINE EDWARDS described her experience: “What I saw was a war scene… officers were bleeding and throwing up… I was slipping in people’s blood…” 

Rep. CHENEY, did a masterful job presenting the facts. She has sided with the truth over her party, and will be remembered for it.

Her message last night to people like Marsha Blackburn, Bill Hagerty, and our TN GOP reps who continue to stand with Trump:
“To my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible — there will come a time where Trump is gone… but your dishonor will remain.”

Your dishonor will remain.

We can only hope our country will also. The attack on the capitol is in the past, but the attack on our democracy is ongoing.

We’ll keep yelling the truth and fighting for it. We hope you will too.

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– The Holler


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MEMPHIS: “Top Tennessee Prosecutor Shelby County DA Amy Weirich Prides Herself On Being Tough On Crime. It’s Soaring Anyway — District Attorney General Amy Weirich is not tough on crime when it comes to police.” Weirich is who should’ve been recalled. Help STEVE MULROY beat her.

REPUBLICANS SHOW URGENCY ON PROTECTING… REPUBLICAN SUPREME COURT JUSTICES: It really is amazing to see how much more they care about protecting Republican Supreme Court justices than they do about protecting children.

WATCH: “BLOOD MONEY.” AOC uses these weird things called “facts” to back up an observation that as gun sales have risen, so have gun deaths. #ProfitOverKids #HowManyMore 🇺🇸

MAURY COUNTY: Gov. Lee gets cozy with Jason Gilliam, Republican primary challenger to Scott Cepicky — we hear because Cepicky voted against Lee’s TISA school (privatization) funding plan? Gilliam posts call COVID a “sham”, Kamala a “ho”, etc— the usual extremist nonsense🙄👇🏽

TARGETING FOX SPONSORS: “A nonprofit aiming to defund disinformation online that has taken💰 out of pockets of several prominent far-right websites now has its sights set on its most formidable target yet: Fox News.” 

TN REPUBLICANS OPPOSE GUN REFORM: All 7 TN GOP reps put guns over kids and voted AGAINST The “Protecting Our Kids Act”, a common sense gun reform bill that would have saved lives, with provisions supported by most of the country. They are the radicals.

LEE’S GREAT SHAME: Little known fact we don’t post about lightly: in high school Governor Lee’s daughter took 1 of their guns and shot herself in the head.
She survived, but you’d think he’d be less callous. Red flag/storage laws mostly prevent suicide—TN Repubs block both.


🔥 PAM SOHN: “Chilling. Just chilling… the chill of Gov. Bill Lee’s gun arrogance is horrifying.” Nobody is buying Lee’s transparently hollow gun violence photo op. Everyone sees through out little he cares about stopping the death. #HowManyMore

UVALDE SURVIVOR MIAH CERRILLO: “I thought he would come back into the room, so I grabbed the blood and put it all over me.” #HowManyMore 🇺🇸
Our children shouldn’t have to live like this.

🔥 MCCONAUGHEY: “Responsible gun owners are fed up with the 2nd amendment being ABUSED AND HIJACKED” #HowManyMore

KIMMEL: “WHY are you so optimistic?! It makes no sense.”
BIDEN: “Look at the kids… the best educated, least prejudiced, most giving generation in American history. We can’t give up.” — AMEN, JOE. 🇺🇸 ❤️

KIMMEL: “A lot of Dems are frustrated because we got out and voted, won the house, senate, White House… and yet we’re moving backwards on a lot of things.”

😳LUNDBERG: “SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST BORN BAD” This doc on #AlmeerNance (Black Knoxville teen who got 51 years for being at a robbery where a man was killed by someone else) has this cruel quote from anti-criminal justice reform Sen. Jon Lundberg👇🏽

MEMPHIS: Shelby County Sheriff’s deputy pushes a homeowner away from his own house when he doesn’t have the proper paperwork… all ego and flexing until the other officer tells him to back off…

“2000 MULES” BASED ON A LIE: 🚨🔑 MAJOR REPORT 👏🏽 — BIG LIE GRIFT: “True the Vote (which that Dinesh Dsouza “2000 MULES” MOVIE IS BASED ON) raised millions claiming it discovered voter fraud… never released evidence… sent $1 million+ to its founder (& allies)…”

This sign holder deserves all the awards. 🏳️‍🌈 👏🏽🏆


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