SENATOR BRENDA GILMORE on the Removal of the FIRST GRAND WIZARD OF THE KKK from the State Capitol

Senator Gilmore speaks to the State Capitol Commission about why they should do the right thing and remove the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the State Capitol. Forrest was a Confederate General and the first Grand Wizard of the KKK. His bust has been in the Tennessee State Capitol since 1978, with protesters advocating for its removal for years.

The Commission voted 9-2 in favor of removal, with State Representative Matthew Hill and Senator Jack Johnson being the only dissenters.

The Historical Commission will have the final say on its removal.


Senator Brenda Gilmore joins us to discuss the racial disparities when it comes to the virus, and health care in general.

“All of us as Americans should be ashamed we’ve neglected our communities for so long.”

Senator Gilmore: Move “Hurtful” KKK Grand Wizard Bust

“I’m not certain those in favor of leaving that bust there recognize how hurtful it is to African-Americans.”

Senator Brenda Gilmore spoke with us after the state Capitol Commission’s meeting about moving the KKK GRAND WIZARD BUST out of our state capitol.

Chairman Stuart Mcwhorter & Governor Lee have STILL not set a date for the vote.

VIDEO: Sen. Joey Hensley Vs. Tampons & Feminine Hygiene Products

As Senator Sara Kyle & Senator Brenda Gilmore push for a brief tax holiday for feminine products, Senator Joey Hensley says girls may buy too many, laments $130,000 in lost?— but backed a $40 MILLION tax break for brokers/lawyers.

Hensley was also divorced 4 times, cheated on his wife with his cousin, and got popped for prescribing pills illegally to his family… maybe not the guy to judge what women need?