The Battle Against the Byhalia Pipeline

Hale and Cassie are joined by Justin Pearson, one of the co-founders of the grassroots movement Memphis Community Against The Pipeline (MCAP). They dig into the movement’s fight against the Byhalia Connection Pipeline and the ongoing environmental injustices happening right now in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Justin Jones joins #HollerHour

Fresh off the heels off of leading the charge to occupy the plaza outside Tennessee’s State Capitol for over 60 days, activist Justin Jones joins the show to talk about his experience and where to go from here.
“The people are so powerful that it makes Gov. Bill Lee who’s the highest authority in our state so afraid that he won’t even come out of the office.”

“We know who Gov. Bill Lee is, he dressed up in a Confederate uniform as a student. Today he doesn’t have that uniform on, but he still has that mentality.”


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GRITS – “High School Grits”

A new episode of  GRITS with Aftyn Behn and Anna Walton on The Tennessee Holler Podcast Network is LIVE!

Aftyn and Anna are joined by Aftyn’s middle and high school classmate Tre Waters as he shares his experiences as a mixed-race kid at the private, predominantly white, prep school Webb School of Knoxville located in East Tennessee.
This episode is dedicated to all the people of color that attended Webb School in Knoxville. If you would like to sign the petition “Webb Alumni Call for Commitment to Anti-Racism Action,” please click this link.
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ROCKY TOP SUNRISE – “Why Abolition is an Environmental Justice Issue”

A new episode of  ROCKY TOP SUNRISE with Sunrise Tennessee on The Tennessee Holler Podcast Network is LIVE!

Hosts Isabella Killius and Hale Masaki explore the intersections of racial justice and environmentalism within the context of slavery and how slavery was never eradicated, it simply evolved. In the second half of the episode, lifelong organizer Taz Gaines joins as our special guest to dive deep into these issues and to establish why abolition and the fight for justice are crucial to winning a Green New Deal. ?
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Justin Kanew talks with Jade and Emma Rose from Teens For Equality, the organizers of the largest Black Lives Matter march in Nashville yet. We hear about their experience and they share their perspective on the moment our country is in. Our future is in good hands with these kids!

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